the (almost) daily appreciator

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the ALMOST daily appreciator

i should really emphasize the "almost". what can i say: work, important exam, holidays, computer troubles, my usual motivational problems and using every opportunity i had with a computer (that wasn´t mine - like now) to do other things have "distracted" me from this here blog. but if there are readers whose name isn´t christian, then use the comments to make yourself known - i will most likely answer comments, even in stressfull times.
so here´s my plans for the future:
aside of findings on the internet (pics´n´stuff) there will be more of the following:
textual healing - i will do more "literary reviews" of stuff that isn´t written by friends, although there will still be those, too. i want to do books, journalistic and essayisitic pieces and such - everything that i read and that gives me textual healing - so no negative reviews, no rants.
otherwise published - i have yet to find other texts (or write for other venues), but there will be more, as well.
shades of truth - there was a post with that title that gave you a hint of what i will try to do with that, namely: essays on certain movies, NOT reviews and NOT some general movie-related topic, but different movies. i like to ramble on about movies and have weird theories which i want to share with whomever it may concern. when i have enough movie stuff together, there might be a movieblog in the future...
other new stuff: comic reviews, column title: linus` notes.
general essays/ideas - jotting down ideas, not fully articulated, free associative, stream-of-conciousness, title: essayciations (i love stupid wordplay;-).
tv-related essays/critiques - title: cool channel.
and maybe some music(video) related stuff, title (you´ve guessed it): everything i know about music i learned watching beavis and butthead.
and if i´m in a ranting mode, which i often am but that´s not the point of this site, i will have another cool cloumn title: the monthly deprecator (depreciator, i´m not sure yet).
mighty ambitious of me, but i have months to prove my ambitions right, just don´t expect daily updates.


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