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Thursday, November 30, 2006

everything i know about music i learned watching beavis and butthead

vanilla ice under pressure

i had a weird experience a few days ago - i just realized how weird it was:
i was at a public place that had a radio on: then famous intro to ice ice baby/under pressure started, i was delighted at the prospect of hearing vanilla ice on the radio nowadays - then david bowie started singing, and i was actually disapponted!!!!!!
i repeat: DISAPPOINTED at getting to hear "under pressure" instead of "ice ice, baby".
now, i´m not a total music disafficionado: i repeatedly get goose bumps when hearing the original: i´m a fan of queen - i didn´t get into bowie as of now, but what i know i like: great voice, great lyrics, great charisma, great personality. and one of the best uses of any kind of pop music in any movie occurs in "grosse point blank" when john cusack looks at the baby and the baby smiles at him all the while "under pressure" is playing - great great scene - because of the use of "under pressure"! but still: i guess "ice ice baby" tickles me more out of nostalgic reasons: it was part of the soundtrack of my life, "under pressure" wasn´t a natural track on the o.s.t. of my life, it´s one of the classics that you find you love, not as part of your life, but as acqired taste.


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