the (almost) daily appreciator

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Stairways to cinephiliac heaven

the blog "stairs in film" (see linklist) consists of, well the name says it all - images of stairs in movies. although the blogger calls it silly fun, it´s remarkable what kind of memories flash in front of your mental eye when you start browsing through the blog. if you think about it for a second, there are not just some great looking stairs in the world (real or movie), there are also many significant, dramatic and memorable scenes that take place on stairs: battleship potemkin, obviously, the shining, psycho, the money pit (my personal fave), a history of violence, the big lebowski (and what a beauty that is) and on and on and on (go see and remember for youself).
i guess the blog isn´t just silly fun, but fits right into the discussion about cinephiliac moments: maybe there´s something we could call a cinephiliac fetish - and stairs are a great one to have.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Critique of the pure image

i love film criticism as much as movies themselves. i definitely have read more about movies than i have read novels, so finding a blog dedicated to being about film criticism is just awesome.
i have yet to rummage through andy´s entire archive, actually i still have most of this blogathon to read, but so far it has been great. So, if you are interested in film criticism, have fun.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the ALMOST daily appreciator

i should really emphasize the "almost". what can i say: work, important exam, holidays, computer troubles, my usual motivational problems and using every opportunity i had with a computer (that wasn´t mine - like now) to do other things have "distracted" me from this here blog. but if there are readers whose name isn´t christian, then use the comments to make yourself known - i will most likely answer comments, even in stressfull times.
so here´s my plans for the future:
aside of findings on the internet (pics´n´stuff) there will be more of the following:
textual healing - i will do more "literary reviews" of stuff that isn´t written by friends, although there will still be those, too. i want to do books, journalistic and essayisitic pieces and such - everything that i read and that gives me textual healing - so no negative reviews, no rants.
otherwise published - i have yet to find other texts (or write for other venues), but there will be more, as well.
shades of truth - there was a post with that title that gave you a hint of what i will try to do with that, namely: essays on certain movies, NOT reviews and NOT some general movie-related topic, but different movies. i like to ramble on about movies and have weird theories which i want to share with whomever it may concern. when i have enough movie stuff together, there might be a movieblog in the future...
other new stuff: comic reviews, column title: linus` notes.
general essays/ideas - jotting down ideas, not fully articulated, free associative, stream-of-conciousness, title: essayciations (i love stupid wordplay;-).
tv-related essays/critiques - title: cool channel.
and maybe some music(video) related stuff, title (you´ve guessed it): everything i know about music i learned watching beavis and butthead.
and if i´m in a ranting mode, which i often am but that´s not the point of this site, i will have another cool cloumn title: the monthly deprecator (depreciator, i´m not sure yet).
mighty ambitious of me, but i have months to prove my ambitions right, just don´t expect daily updates.