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Monday, November 06, 2006

babys wissen mehr als wir denken:-)

i truly think that most photographers on this planet are leftwing radicals and media terrorists waging war against bush. i have never seen a pic of him, where he seems remotely photogenic - always looks stupid, pissed off or evil - and i don´t think it´s all his doing - there´s always some element of the photographer seeming to wait for the most anti-photogenic moment to make a snapshot of...and babies seem to leftwing as well;-)


Blogger The Broom said...

Photographers can't help it that Bush look ridiculous in photos. What is non-photogenic anyway....a nice way of saying your ugly?

2:59 PM  
Blogger tomdwayne said...

ugly, ridiculous, evil, stupid - anyway that would make a camera with personality commit suicide. and, of course, he looks ridiculous - but i always have the feeling, that the photographers choose the most anti-photogenic ones out of the piles they shoot at any given situation. not that i have a problem with that:-))

2:46 AM  

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